Mind telling me how it started?" "OK but first you gotta answer my question do you do it with your mom?" "Yes." "Wow that's fucking awesome how long have you been fucking her?
"Glad I don't lol" "Yeah I bet.
Trembling at the sheer intensity of her latest climax, she bobbed her head furiously until his cock erupted, sending a fountain of hot lava into her suctioning mouth.
The next day Brendan was delayed at work because his relief was an hour late."Holy fuck girl, I'm speechless!" "Well you better get your speech back by tomorrow she retorted, "because you gotta tell me how you came to fuck your mom I gtg dad will be here soon and old nude cameltoe talking to you has got me horny as fuck."."Your Dad will be home in about an hour, so let's not waste time.".A year after Denise moved out something had happened which had shocked him rigid in more ways than one, and changed his life forever.Welcome to Free online live incest chat room, one and only chat room in this world with allot of members who need some incest chat for free.Whatever it is I like." She glanced at the clock on the wall and stood.Although she never protested, there could be hell to pay if his Dad ever saw him feeling his Mom's tits.For the next hour or so he sat browsing through the taboo chat room, hoping for another message."Now Brendan, I want you in me now.
Except for his unattainable sister Denise.
"Wow, something sure has you fired.

How about fixing your Mom some scrambled eggs while I freshen up?".Brendan had had the hots for his sister for as long as he could remember, but although he had managed to catch rare glimpses of her boobs, and on one memorable occasion he had sneaked a look at her shaven slit up her skirt, she.What did he do when you did that?" "He took my shirt off and started playing with my tits then he sucked my nipples while he felt my pussy I took his cock out and started stroking it he pushed me on to my back.All morning I've been able to think of nothing but the way you fucked me yesterday, and especially what you said afterwards.As soon as he arrived home from work next day he logged into the site, not really expecting much because when he had joined yesterday, it had been at least three hours later than today."Hey I can't tomorrow.Strangely enough he 'saw' more of her when he visited than he had when she had lived at home, because now that she no longer needed to worry about whether or not her parents would approve, whenever Brendan turned up she was always wearing skimpy.His Mom wouldn't be home for an hour.She explained this by saying Don liked her to dress sexily, and had confided to her brother that her husband didn't even like her wearing underwear, so he could lift her miniscule skirt and look at her pussy whenever he wanted.This didn't seem so bad.
"I didn't say you were to stop licking my pussy she muttered as, kneeling astride his face, she leaned forward to take his prick into her mouth.
Compared to his Mom, fucking her soggy snatch had been like dipping his finger in a paste bucket.

Only one thing could have made it better, and that was to have his sister Denise lying naked beside his Mom, waiting for her share of his cock.
Her laugh was music to his ears.
"Maybe that's why I love doing it with you.