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It was a big turn on for them both, and livbe gay cams always led to great lovemaking.
"You're wet down there.
"Son Mike said, "would you like to try something else?
"Okay he said, flinging back the camcorder free porn chat blanket to reveal his resurgent manhood.Yes, to be fucked.Sitting up on the floor, Sally looked up at her son standing there with a drop of his come still trying to drip from his cock."Shoo, shoo, you mangy mutt she squeaked.Your mother wants you, her mind was screaming.This looked like it was going to be the best campout ever Sally thought happily, on her knees helping her son to roll out their big sleeping bag that they would soon be fucking like crazy.But if you don't believe me, then you don't have to tell me what you know." This had its calcualted affect on the girl, because he knew she wouldn't be able to resist parading her superior knowledge before him.They made love in every room of the house, in every position they could think of and, sex addict that she now seemed to be, Sally just couldn't get enough of her young son's hard body.So Mike stopped him and asked "Want to try something else, son?" Peter immediately and eagerly nodded his head.
She shushed up quickly, praying that the kids had not heard her.

He lay there in front of her knees, legs splayed and tongue lolling out.Walter's face was contorted as his beautiful mother squeezed him closer with her legs, trying to slow his frantic pumping motion, to hold him quiet for a moment in the quivering mass of sensation between her thighs.Sally was leaning on the foot board of the bed for support as Walter kneeled behind her and began fucking again.She wanted her Walter's fingers or cock in there now, but even so this was better than nothing."Down here she said, cupping her crotch.Her own sons live tongue.She honestly didn't know why she would be doing that because there did seem to be something vaguely naughty about teasing her young son like that and, and Walter never got anything built.After all, Sally thought excitedly, she didn't have anything her son hadn't seen already anyway.
The blonde little girl became indignant, "I am not!" she nearly shouted.
"Wet's see." So the two stole back to the tent opening and watched the entire scene.