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The Genetics Society of America (GSA founded in 1931, is the professional membership organization for scientific researchers and educators in the field of genetics.
It's easy to move between your feeds on multiple devices, and features like offline folders mean you can read wherever you are.
Topics: apps-and-software, consumer-tech, Tech.It's not a free app, but at 5/month it's a worthwhile investment for people who are serious about their RSS feeds.Image: feedly, feedly has long been a popular choice in the post-Google Reader internet.It has options to read on the web, iOS, and, android.There are a number of capable alternatives out there.It has full-featured search, tagging, and sharing functionality, as well as an automated "actions" feature that helps you automatically sort articles in your feed.Inoreader, inoreader has apps for IOS and Android.Our members work to advance knowledge in the basic mechanisms of inheritance, from the molecular to the population level.Image: gReader, for Android users who want something that comes pretty close to the old-school Google chinese nude cam Reader experience, gReader definitely fits the bill.Naturally, the news was pretty upsetting to Digg Reader fans who had turned to the service as a replacement for the once beloved Google Reader.Image: Newsify, newsify is another great option for iOS users.Image: feedbin, if you're an iOS and Mac user, then.It also has features that will appeal to power users, like filtering, shared collections, and integrations with third-party services like ifttt (paying.41 for a pro subscription gets you even more advanced features).

It's not light on features, either.But if you're one of the many folks still clinging to RSS feeds in 2018, you're not entirely out of luck.Though it also has a web interface, Newsify's best features are on its iOS app.The service has both web and mobile versions, and an easy-to-use interface.Image: inoreader, one of a handful of replacement services recommended by the Digg Reader team, Inoreader also offers a great mix of features for casual and more advanced users.It supports multiple accounts and syncs with your iCloud account, so everything stays up to date no matter how many devices you use.
Image: inoreader, in another blow to RSS fans everywhere, Digg announced that it would soon be shuttering Digg Reader.