'One of the things we have in mind Dowiyogo said, 'is that part of the dug-out area should be left as it is so that future generations can see what it was like.' Like a 5 minute quickie sex chat museum, added the ambassador.
Today, with 7,000 Nauruans inhabiting the island's green skirt - and real pickup sex tubes with an economic future contingent upon Western desire for limestone coffee tables - I gingerly asked the president what might happen to the people on Nauru in the next 10 years.
Tatun, 27; graduate student; Fort Lee, NJ 23/81Photograph: Paul WagtouiczStaten Island Ferry Ill say the Staten Island Ferry because youre on a boat for at least 30 minutes just sitting, staring across at people.Ive never seen that before.Outdoor patio, fire pit, taco truckcant go wrong.There was nothing else.Some also go into debt to come to the United States, and then if you dont pay it off, theyre going to go after your family in China, she said.

But they add a new kind of customer has emerged who wants emotional support, not sex.If they complete five or six classes that include therapy, a social worker session, and sometimes an immigration consultation, the case against them will be dropped, unless they get rearrested within six months.To be sure, Nauru has been cooperative in some fairly grotesque cases.I knocked on the door, and it opened slightly to reveal a woman holding a broom.'What are you doing on Nauru?' he asked.It was a cosmetology salon on an upper floor of a part-residential, part-office building in Manhattan.Well teach you and youll get used.Banking system momentarily before being wired to an offshore account.
The happy hour is four till eight and the drinks are awesome.
'We cooperate with authorities when they come to the island with court orders Dowiyogo told.

From there, money was dispatched to numerous offshore locations, where it rested as clean corporate funds, easily accessible.
But with the mineral wealth running out, Nauru's finest minds have turned to the heady new-economy riches of international banking.
This is why Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence Summers now speaks so insistently about protecting the 'global financial architecture.'.