I would instanly become the freak of the school, I would be a social outcast, loose all my friends, and even t arrested.
She has that stuff.
She could blackmail me, and ruin my life if she's into that stuff.Anyway, I continued doing it, until I came under my shirt.And once again, while I pretended to look at my screen, She turned her head, looked right at my dick, and turned back.I (was) the creator of the Danielle thread, and I need help.I took my dick out when she wasn't looking, and hid it under my shirt, pretending to search up cars and books while I was jacking off again.(Do not worry my moral friends, we are both seniors and of the legal age 18).However she was working at a desk, not paying any attention, until she saw me sit at my computer that.I kept looking at her too see if she saw, but I couldn't tell.You guys are the only ones who can help.If she says nothing, I might be in the clear, but still.I did the lean back technique again, and I saw her turn her hand over in my direction, and look away real fast.The guilty side is telling me to either apologize to the girl, and hope she forgives me, or to run away (which I would do if she either told, or said she would tell after I apologize).I (to my knowledge) didn't see her look over, though she looked at the printer next nude beach live cam florida to my Computer, so I'm sure she caught a glimpse.
I'm at the end of my ropes Motherless!
This is not the first time someone has seen me jacking off for them and telling the parents.

I took out my dick, and started slowly jacking off next to her with it under my shirt.First off, I confess to being stupid today.I see her again Thursday.Still not seeing a reaction, I put my dick back in my jeans, wiped the cum on my shirt, and put on my jacket so nobody would suspect anything.That turned me on so much, I (now knowing she saw me) jacked off harder, until I put it back under my shirt, and came.It all started last month, I was in computer class, sitting in the back next to this hot chick.She seemed cool, and seemed like she wanted to see it, but I still can't get this wave of guilt off.She then got up, and sat right in the same computer right next to mine.I need help Motherless!
I became paranoid on the way home, wondering if she would tell anybody, praying she wouldn't tell anybody, especially the Teachers/Parents/Police!