Added Nov 14, 2005 Tomorrow Man I am an avid time travel fan, read it (fiction and non-fiction studies watch it, write it and review it so as a completist I rented this flick.
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National Treasure This is a no-think, get on the fun-ride car, hug yer girl, swig yer fav libation, stuff yer face with snax and kick back action and ooh-ahh yikes look-out kinda flick harkening back to those Saturday Morning TV Tarzan and the Lost City.
Decent storyline, great action, solid special effects, engaging but stiff acting.Thanks, Melissa, Netflix Customer Service" So there it is - you decide whether you want to stay with Netflix.So deal with.These people dug one of the best and most successful tunnels under the Wall.Discussing the launch of All Access and why they anchored it with.If you already have a website and want to expand your reach with affiliates pushing your product, traffic and profits - then I also use Interneka.When Netflix trains their consumer service reps video chats sex to lie and/or act clueless about netflix throttling, they are in essence trying to hide what is an unfair and abusive practice.
It was a smart live xxx channels flick that proves people can make the right decision and decide to take the straight narrow thru the jaws of Death into the hard cold Truth and thus find forgiveness and peace for themselves instead real sex scandals videos of wallowing in self pity, guilt.

The Good Fight is a spin-off of a successful CBS show.Anyone who dug this hasn't seen nor read enuff decent time travel-based material.Oh well nice try.A lot of those subs are because of that show.Netflix has picked up a fifth season of Longmire.This IS NOT spyware nor snoop-infested!
Firewall Decent plot, smart crooks, holds your attention, microchip'd pooch saves the day along with Ford's tech savvy, low on action, medium on suspense, okay acting, but predictable all-too quick "Texas Ranger" type of ending with dead bad guys and calvary arrive after dust.

Story: Mid-life crisis angst, language problems in non-English business work, old American guy, boredom, cute white girl, Asian cool cats, desire unfulfilled, mismatched age-groups, the young still have it - old guys are - well just old.
It is a built-in fanbase that was pretty emphatic and not averse to paying for what they are getting.
Lost in Translation I watched this with my wife and one of my daughters and we all looked at each other at the end and frowned.