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Scandals involving campaign violations had no statistically significant effect on vote share at all.
But one thing seems clear: If Spitzer and Weiner manage to join Sanford in getting elected post-sex scandal, they won't be signaling a bold new trend.But 73 percent of disgraced incumbents made it to their next general election, and of those, 81 percent won.Both rates were far higher than the average for non-scandal-tarred pols.Sex scandals and financial scandals (like tax evasion or taking kickbacks) each depressed vote margins.3 points.Thousands of pictures and videos you've never seen anywhere else.Chris Lee, who stepped down the same day he was revealed to have sent shirtless pictures of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.Submit a letter to the editor or write.
Voters have short memories.

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Scott Basinger, a researcher at the University of Houston, published a study in the.
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Other research supports Basinger's findings.