After her ex-boyfriend Scott was evicted, Amanda admitted that she was attracted to roomie David, and after winning use of a private bedroom (what were the producers expecting to happen?) they got down and dirty in front of the cameras.
Michelle AND STU (BB UK now for another mystery.
Advertisement, these flirtatious American housemates became the first pair ever to bed each other.
Lateysha'S twerk gone awry What more is there to say?The duo shocked audiences by allegedly performing sex acts under cushions, before indulging in full-blown sex.Absolutely every single thing TO DO with annihilation week The most brutal week in Big Brother history?Big, brother has been amassing for itself, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the first time people have been getting down and dirty live in the house - we of course know that not to be true.Of course, this prompted endless speculation about the trajectory of the sponge, Jayne's attempts to tread water when she was supposedly unconscious and, basically, whether she was "doing a Gillian McKeith but anything that has us rewinding repeatedly and obsessively to check the tiniest detail.Let's ignore Rebecca and Luke (I mean, what) and skip straight to the most shocking moment.And Ryan had one huge blowout with Sam but was saying he'd be happy if he won by the time he got evicted.Big, brother contestants to do the nasty, though, check out Bustle's.
And it was amazing.
Emma gets removed BY BIG brother Channel 5 There have been plenty of reasons for Big Brother kicking out housemates in the past, from Nasty Nick's notes to some more serious allegations of racism and sexual harassment.

Jade AND tommy (teen BB) Advertisement Teenagers Jade Dyer and Tommy Wright became the first people to ever have sex on BB UK when they took part in Teen Big Brother in 2003.Let's just say we'll never look at electric whisks the same way coupe69 camgirl hardcore again.They apparently hooked up on the toilet, and there was probably some handjob action going on in the above video with a "suspicious pillow motion." Better watch where you sit, houseguests.So when are their American counterparts going to get ( ahem ) on the stick?Even if Andy wasn't exactly convinced by his new bling.April Ollie, Season 10 It seemed like April and Ollie didn't even try to keep their sex -capades a secret during Big Brother.Big Brother villain, the sort of housemate who couldn't give a monkey's what the public thinks, leaving them open to dabble in manipulation, shit-stirring and general ratbaggery.
Way to make history, guys.
The most shocking thing about this was Big Brother actually getting tough on those rule-breaking housemates for once.

The best of these, though, came when their fellow housemate Jack completely misread the signals and thought they'd welcome him jumping in with them (Harry's face says it all).