I've been in your house and your house and your house.
He was going to make money selling the house, but just not today.He was a great guy, very personable.They were given no input into the process.And, it's like, "Wow, we hit the jackpot." Reporter: In fact, rich and Sandee were happy to roll the dice when he says Lindsay suggested that he go big in their asking price.His attorney gave us the following statement: The Adlhoch business interests, valuable time sexy dressing room pics of its principals and potential for negative publicity on a personal matter warrant that a settlement is reached to bring final resolution to this ordeal.Reporter: In the listing for the house, Lindsay played up of the house's character and charm, the updated master bath and kitchen and wood burning fireplace.Thats who I feel sorry for.This is our marital bed.
I said I dont know who turned up the heat, but Im not paying the bill. .
The complaint was filed a year ago by that jilted husband, Rob Ermanni. .

There he is now.Taking the low road through the high class homes he listed.My clients gave them the keys to their house, so we're suing for a breach of trust, negligence.After a lot of coaxing, his way, drawing me in, of painting my ex-husband as being a horrible person, that I should be divorcing.The, houston Association of Realtors website listed Seloff as working for Simien Properties.How you doing bob?Reporter: The Weiners had such faith in Lindsay that he says they went out on a limb, buying and moving into a new home while their Tudor was renovated to fetch top dollar.We are not going to comment further on these allegations.Tonight, a brand-new meaning to the term open house.How did he get here?