How do you make your girlfriend scream real sex 29 during sex?
Q: What is the difference between your wife and your job?
Whats the difference between anal and oral sex?
Dont make me come in there!Pac-man, because for 25 cents she swallows balls until she dies.And possibly use a lubricant.Q: Why can't Jesus play hockey?What do the Mafia and pussies have in common?Q: What do the Mafia and a vagina have in common?A: Phelps can finish a race.A: To separate the hairy from the dairy.
A: Kick his sister in the jaw.

She's going to eat me!A: Just trying to fit in Q: What's the best thing about a gypsy on her period?Q: What did cinderella do when she got to the ball?A: A wet nose.Q: Whats the difference between a woman with PMS and a terrorist?A: She found another woman's lipstick on his knuckles Q: How do you tell the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer?A: When you pull her pants down her butt is still in them Q: What do you call an artist with a brown finger?Q: How is a girlfriend like a laxative?A: A trip without the kids!A: A guy will actually take time to search for a golf ball.If they are under 18, it's best you do them in your head.

Q: Why are Penises the lightest things in the world?
A: Virgin Mobile Q: What do you see when the Pillsbury Dough Boy bends over?