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Cameron Diaz center As you can see in the photo above, actress Cameron Diaz has clearly passed her expiration date.Disclaimer, privacy Policy, contact.As you can see in the video above, back in the good old days when Cameron Diaz was still desirable she would pose topless in low grade S M films.Cameron Diazs topless work.Most of you are not old enough to remember this, but many many years ago Cameron Diaz was actually an attractive woman.Adele Exarchopoulos, as heathen Hollywood descends further and further into peddling depravity, it is the duty of us righteous Muslims to pay close attention to the harlots they employ so that we know who to lapidate first once we conquer the West.Only in the infidel West would a barren hag like Cameron Diaz be allowed to occularly assault us in a bikini with impunity. Believe it or not before Cameron Diaz became the banged out barren old shrew that we know today, she was actually something.What is famous for: Actress, USA, 1989, filmed in the movies: Annie (2014 sex Tape (2014 bad Teacher (2011).