It's a great place to get away to when your feelin' down, I do it often just to see what's up with the weather and to leave a few words, memories and whatever.
It was all wooden boats at the time.And finally, speaking for those of us who still live in and love Newport Beach and South OC, we too are glad that you didnt spawn any hate-filled off-springs that would probably find themselves more comfortable in the mobile home community that you now reside.My fondest memory is when for Christmas one year he got me an autographed picture of John Wayne.I was pretty surprised to see it and found my way here to mention.It was nice meeting you last month on my brief visit to your wonderful corner of the world.I am looking for any photos, memories, histories of both places. .Now you have a ferry approaching the dock with no way to get the cars off.France takes leave from nascar following DWI, drug arrest1 hour, 30 minutes ago.The building was built by Fred Storey in 1930.And sipping coffee and listening to folk music at the "Prison of Socrates simple pleasure that it was, highlights my memories.We all slyly left the table for one reason and another until Stewart was left at the table to pay his own bill as it should.I was supposed to go and visit him, but he got ill interracial cam sex and passed away.The morning he was killed, we were to have met for breakfast to talk about opening a bar on 17th street.

I sure am glad that I didn't reproduce and add to the mess that is now Southern California!1948-55 as I had seen his wife Sue's posting about the Punting and Sculling Soc from 2005.If so what is your yearly fee for a small text link.There will always be more questions than answers.Tee for 2: PGA lineup features not 1 but 2 Zach Johnsons10 minutes ago.Morgan My Mom used to live down in Balboa during the 70's.Swells were about 15ft to 20ft that day.It is one of a kind and although I don't live in the area my wife and I keep kayaks on the Island and we come down several times a month throughout the year and find the site very helpful for planning purposes. .Lifeguards coming and going on the ferry in the summer?

Thank you for your consideration.
Bill J I just got an e-mail from Mike Murphy telling me he had contributed material to Jim Fournier's book, "Tales of Balboa." He said he had talked about the "Bar Wars" with Woody, Baer, and the guys from Alley West.