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Tattoos over dat ass Make a nigga online sex com wanna smash I'm vagina cam sex driving like craz Girl you twerk the thang But.Fresh, fresh clothes got 'em gettin low.Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).Uh and she can twerk, I don't doubt that (nah) But let me see if you can.When you sliding down the pole, no panties, no shirt.Twerk twerk that ass if you can't be faded.And duckin' them po- po's, goin through the same thang.Danny brown lyrics - Express Yourself When she back that thang, she clapped that thang, she for youcam makeup free sure got my dick hard Verse 2: Danny.You make a nigga wanna get on top that thang.

And she twerk that thang like she aint have a care.M is commited to supporting Responsible Gaming.Know you like it like that.Make a pimp wanna hurt that thang.Well I'm way over on the south side, cruisin' in the lac, but Imma make it to your crib, in about four minutes flat.You kiss that thang and I'm out, cause she been playin with my pipe.
Danny brown - express yourself lyrics And she twerk that thang like she aint have a care.