M is all at once: A huge collection of online resources for students and teachers.
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Try joining any of the channels/rooms listed above.How do I Change Channels, or Go to A Different Chatroom?There is a room list bellow the chat window, if you want to talk about something specific, check and see whats up in the chat room of your choosing.Can I Use a Different Client to Chat?Type: /ignore username without"s, replacing username with the name of the troll/spammer.We continuously update our contents to provide worked physics problems and examples, organized by topic to provide free physics related homework help to students.Type: /nick myNewNickname without the"s.The IRC domain we are currently using is:.Tell us in the comments section below!Also we have created dynamic physics tools, which help you to find the answerer for many physics related problems.Type: /unignore username without"s, as before to reverse this.
Or you can make a new chatroom and tell your friends about it!
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M offers a complete working tool for science teaching and learning.
For students to develop the abilities that characterize science as inquiry, they must actively participate in scientific investigations, and they must actually use the cognitive and manipulative skills associated with the formulation of scientific explanations.
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