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See a chat in action, find Korean native speakers from our global community who share your interests and can help you practice Korean.By in, asia, popular Korean chat service, kakaoTalk, which boasts 66 million users worldwide, has launched a new Group Call feature that lets up to five users participate in free HD Voice voice calls.A chat room can consist of a small group of close friends or colleagues, or a large community with no limit on the number of members.A short video about the WeSpeke Notebook.Voice channel - only the owner and selected members can publish voice messages, while the other members can listen only.Last week, KakaoTalk announced that it was taking its gaming service overseas.As messaging services are being bulked up with additional features, voice calls have been a popular addition.Kakao says data usage of a five-person group call will be the same as that of a one-on-one call, roughly 20Mb an hour.Hate spammy ICOs and crappy cryptocurrencies?Research in Motion is working on adding voice calls to its BlackBerry Messenger service and Japans Line and Chinas WeChat also already support the feature.You can also allow certain members to write on the channel.Channel - members can only read what you publish.Be sure to add an avatar and title to make the chat room easy to find in the display window and on the chat screen.Creating a chat room, you can create a chat room from the chat window or the display window.The person creating the chat room has special rights for managing it, including changing its key settings and designating its administrators.

Image credit: park JI-hwan / AFP / Getty Images, read next: Worth watching before it's gone: A collection of every Apple television ad ever.For example, a chat about interests and hobbies, a chat discussing news and events in your city or region, chatting to make friends and new acquaintances or communication with existing clients or potential new ones.You can sing together, write songs or tell stories and chat when you're on the road and it's inconvenient to chat by text.A chat room is a space where you can communicate by text and voice and send photos, videos, and documents.This could be a channel run by a store or a coffee shop to inform customers about its goods or promotions, a companys news channel, or a channel with your favorite recipes, life hacks or recommendations and thoughts about the various facets of life.Types of chat rooms, chat an exchange of any type of messages: text, voice, photos, videos and documents.Android and iPhone are supported, and the calls can be made over llive sex cam feeds cellular connections.The company recently free chat in live established ties with Yahoo Japan to make a push into Japan.

The company is billing the HD Voice support as a worlds first for group chats.