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Rick Mancrush Marc James, from the Poop Culture Podcast, drop by to talk James Spader's first starring role in schizophrenic 80s gem, Tuff Turf which co-stars Robert Downey.This week they talk Peter Cushing as the titular baron in The Evil of Frankenstein.For one thing, you need to be careful about where you seat different customers - groups of lawyers who sit near each other are prone to argue, bookworms hate being next to noisy tables, dating couples want privacy, guys with cell phones will annoy almost.This time we are reaching back into the murky wafts of time to a TV Movie from 1985 where a young James Spader - doing his best Christopher Walken impression - woos.More, play Now, ep 254 - Sleazy Spader Springtime 3: Tis The Sleazon - Tuff Turf.You can enjoy all this in the amazing and authentic interior which immediately brings you to the good old America in the 1950s.It also happens to be the 7th Anniversary of this very.For example, you can admire the old but fully functional Seeburg Coca-Cola jukebox from 1949, Europe's single piece, then the original telephone, Coca-Cola cash register type.There are many more other valuable relics.More, play Now, ep 253 - Sleazy Spader Springtime 3: Tis The Sleazon - Sex, Lies and, Videotape.

In an all new diner for the show, The Washington Square Diner near West 4th, Jon Cross and Jim Wallace talk the 1951 film noir On Dangerous Ground starring Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan having watched it at the Roxy Cinema.More, play Now, ep 252 - Sleazy Spader Springtime 3: Tis The Sleazon - Speaking of Sex.The restaurant is equipped with stylish robust red-white furniture with stripes in the US typical diner restaurant style.As the game takes place outdoors, you also have to contend with nature - rain, wind, leaves falling into people's food, and even earthquakes (which do no more than shake the tables).These factors will ensure that the prepared dishes you get will be always fresh and of the highest quality.More, play Now, ep 255 - Hard Times, regular co-host Jim Wallace joins us back at The After Movie Diner to talk about Walter Hill's debut feature - depression era, New Orleans set, hobo boxing picture Hard Times starring Charles Bronson and James Coburn.Jon amateur couple cam free Cross and Jim Wallace start a month long dive into Hammer Horror films with their 1957 film The Abominable Snowman.Columns are decorated with mosaics, putting together portraits of film idols and sex symbols at that time - James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.
The basis of each burger is good meat.
We get supplies from family butchers where they emphasize the quality of their products.

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