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04:51 @Laurelai look the guideline isnt for you 04:51 Sabu because I'm about to start owning nigg3rs 04:51 marduk authorized?
04:51 marduk and kayla knows her.
Speaking of puffery, the HQ chat's reaction to Mubarak stepping down in Egypt serves as a handy indicator of just how seriously Anonymous takes itself, and it's power: 18:13 Avunit and mubarak is gone 18:13 Avunit for if you dont watch the news 18:15 Sabu.They caution that it could be puffery, though, as not everything she's claimed has been reliable.Gnosis, the group that claimed credit for the hack, claimed in interviews to have no affiliation with Anonymous.Here is Topiary, who has given a number of media interviews, discussing plans to stop speaking for Anonymous in the first person in order to "avoid being raped by Feds 15:13 @Topiary also I'm going to start saying, with future press, that I'm an observer/associate.Metric and A5h3r4 also say they've handed the material to the Department of Defense, but declined to identify to whom.But Kayla, a member of the HQ chat who was intimately involved with the HBGary attack, implicitly takes credit at one point for the Gawker attacks after someone mentions a Gawker article: 18:26 * kayla h8's gawker :D 18:26 @kayla Nick Denton especially h8's.Please be cautious before installing apps.And here he is excoriating Laurelai, an HQ member who had created a set of instructions for how to carry out an Anonymous attack.04:47 @Laurelai but it could have been done alot better 04:47 Sabu also we had a time restraint 04:48 Sabu and as far as I know, considering I'm the one that did the op, I rooted their boxes, cracked their hashes, owned their emails and.
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If you communicate with people you don't know, be aware that they may be dishonest.A third was involved in the distribution of the torrent, but the brainchild of the Gawker hack attack was Kayla." Keys provided Gawker with screengrabs from the Internet Feds IRC chat as evidence."Acting first, not thinking live sex cams no signup of the consequences.In plotting his next attack, on Hunton and Williams, a law firm that discussed hiring HBGary to conduct dirty tricks campaigns against Wikileaks supporters on behalf of its client Bank of America, Sabu threatens to "rape these niggers 17:46 Sabu m will be a nice.Note: the content above does not come from xat.They prove that, contrary to their claims, at least one of the hackers responsible for releasing the publishing the e-mail addresses of thousands of Gawker users last December is in fact a key member of Anonymous.Here is Sabu directing the other channel members to come up with a target list for their next hack, including potential media outlets and so-called "whitehat" internet security firms, and ordering Kayla to get working: 17:52 Sabu can you guys put together a private pad.04:53 Sabu my nigga look at that doc 04:53 Sabu and how ridiculous it is snip 04:54 marduk look, i think it was made with good intentions.One of the great benefits of talking with a 7 Cups of Tea listener is that the conversation is an anonymous chat.
Important information FOR NEW users: You enter the room at your own risk.
Metric and A5h3r4 also provided us with what they say are the actual identities of Sabu, Kayla, Laurelai, Avunit, Topiary, and other members of the chat.