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(Actually, having looked at the lock, I realise that the name on it is different and I am to erase it and start over, so no need for the Olde English).
22nd May Off to Bonhams viewing today, which involved enduring a moderate amount of rail chaos all manner of excuses were posted on the boards I think they have a random excuse generator in their system I sawtrain in the wrong place, no driver, signal. The locks are missing, but could be from before or after rebounding locks were invented around 1867.I am doing a quite few restorations for friends and via the blog but I have to work out costings each time and dont always get it right so I thought Id try to make a price list at least with a range of prices. I was hoping that it would form my next project as Ive finished all the jobs on hand, but I found a pistol by Andrews buried under the junk on my bench (yes, really! I ran the trigger guard and trigger plate etc under the very fine wire brush and they do look better now. .I went to buy timber for the boards and found that premium softwood was about.50 per meter and I could get Red Grandia for about. He is very dismissive of the lion, and the Rhino, which he says is always half asleep and only wakes up in response to approaching hunters because the bird that habitually perches on it and cleans off parasites gives the alarm.Anyway out came my Samuel Nock double percussion, and I did begin to connect.It is quite interesting when I spark off the left lock and the frizzen doesnt open the edge of the flint that is shaving off the sparks steel slivers momentarily glows red hot and cools over maybe half a second. .Cut edges of raised part more or less vertical Cut background with closely spaced parallel lines keep them as even and parallel as possible.Looks a bit wonky, but who cares?27th March I stripped the furniture from the 8 bore and put it through the electrolytic derusting. . Anyway I need to consult the experts!

And so, unfortunately the Gun Case Blog is again neglected. .At least if I cant get it to work I can revert to the original percussion setup and nothing of the original gun will be lost or damaged the advantage of making a new lockplate! So, a veritable army some things never change. I did read more on East Africa, but this bit is not so interesting, being about the behaviour of the individual animals, which is just a repeat of comments made in the narrative part. The kitchen has paused and I am now reducing the bathroom to a shell. . See post for more details of this lovely gun which is in very good condition, having been lapped and reproofed at some point.Case hooks; Initally fixed to the case with loops on the lid, standing proud of the surface and of rounded section. . On the subject of arming the porters Jackson says that normally 25 armed porters (plus many unarmed ones) was enough for a trip as far north as Kimangelia, but a more extended trip to the Nijiri plains it would be better to take.Ive now got the Purdey foreend to engrave with fine scrolls and the patchbox cover to engrave with Gumbrell large scroll. .I now rely entirely on my microscope which gives me magnifications from about 5 up to x 25, but a decent stereo microscope that is suitable for engraving will cost you several hundred pounds secondhand, or about 600 or more for a Chinese version. . There is a whole dirty world out there!
Here is my test piece the scale is in 1/2 mm divisions (20 thou) so the letter heights from the top natalieharper nude cam line are about 2/3.m.