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Went by there this afternoon after hearing Brother Bob's talk at the Atwood House, which was excellent.
Just so you know!
I love how it combines her concern for a young man leaving home for the Navy and her faith that God will take care of him.
Carol Carl Olson (Chowderman) USA - Sat - 21:55:20 So sad to learn about Bill Napier.Could not help but think of Dad and Lorraine and all the years they spent on hard-hit Marco Island.Ever been there, I bet not?House should never been approved real life airplane sex IMO.All three have new and exciting displays.The collections they have for New England genealogical history is amazing!Would anyone be able to tell me if Monomoit Wild Sea salt is still available from the streetside stand in the Old Village?"Hospital Creek" ran out of the pond by the same name at Inward Point.However, I DO miss the clam flats; the fishing; the shore; duck hunting; pheasants at Marconi; boating; and a whole heck of a lot of things only Cape Cod can provide.Crayton Nickerson Chatham, MA USA - Sun 12/31/2017 - 13:12:47 My sincere wishes for a happy and healthy 2018 to all my Chat-M-Room friends!Chatham, MA USA - Thu - 16:34:37 Read George Myers letter in the Chronicle skillfully attacking Jared Fulcher about Dave Oppenheim.

Hallgren (as Moderator) Clearwater, FL USA - Sat 03/17/2018 - 14:32:18 Jimmy D - fact - The "Harding House" is in South Chatham and is a delapitated building in need of serious repair.I understand that you can't stop anyone from visiting anywhere they desire, but the endless marketing and "branding" horse s*t on our end has got to stop.I hope their extinction doesn't happen during my lifetime.I simply wanted to point out how the few are able to decide for the many!Instead of accusing all who disagree with you of being of evil or of having selfish intent perhaps next time you could share some ideas on how you feel this issue should be addressed if at all?John whelan chatham, MA USA - Sat 12/30/2017 - 18:07:46 Looks like all those folks who "SO Totally Love First Night" are going to be challenged by bitter cold and biting winds.We're looking for any recollections or photos people might have of the storm and its impact.Thank you Bob putting all these stories into print.One thing the last 17 years of war has taught us is to spread the TTP's (tactics, techniques and procedures) within the SOF community amongst others.Groucho Marx?) Allen Boyce Lovely West Hartford, CT USA - Sun - 11:46:39 "They were sailors to the end" It was actually 51 years ago on July 29 76 that the USS Forrestal experienced the deadly fire aboard the ship after being at Yankee station.
Recently, there was a reported 2 feet of water at low tide at the bar.
I always enjoyed reading the ONI Office of Naval Intelligence (coded Secret) and what was happening with the Russians off of North Beach.

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You guys think you have an issue with sky-divers yelling at 8K feet?