Roleplay as your favorite man cam gay characters from FNaF!
Don't use FCs in "standard" roleplays.
Viollete : I know!Be sure to read the, rules and Guidelines before you begin participating!Blogs, create blog post.Standard with FCs: FCs allowed, stay inside the pizzeria.Retrieved from " ".This wiki is currently used as a place where you can make and post fan fictions, fan-made characters /areas and fan-made art.Read more See more Chat, chaotic Officespace.Punishments for breaking rules, roleplay type rule punishments: kicked out of RP, but not chat.This of course is done in the main chat or on the forums.No nsfw, even soft things.Blogs, august 18, 2018 by, kyogreswimming eyy lmao porkeymans, guidelines:.Rules hidden camera porn cheaters of Roleplaying, nO using other FCs without permission.Types of Roleplay, standard: No FCs, stay inside the pizzeria.Misc: Any characters, stay inside the pizzeria.Crossover: Like the name suggests, you can be any character, and can overlap with the types above.Mature Roleplay (15 This form of roleplay deals with mature situations like religion and politics, this roleplay will also have swear words.

The main purpose for this wiki, however, is role-playing.Vincent : Why did you put a dog's head?These rules were agreed on by all admins and chatmods.I suggest you go at for what you want before somebody else gets them.Welcome to the Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay Wiki!Erotic roleplays are not to be carried out in Public chat.Viollete : Now, enough of the chit- chat, pick one!
Although they can be different pizzerias with different things.

What Pokémon you want.
Game: Game mechanics only, no FCs, stay inside pizzeria.
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