facebook chat girl and boy

If you dont know her well, you can try cruising her Facebook profile for some hints of what shes into, from which bands she likes to whether or what her other hobbies are, whether she likes to run or hike.
See a lot of photos of her with some other guy?
5, bring up interesting topics.
When youre with her or talking to her, see if shes really excited to you, if she flirts a bit, and chat rooms free apps if she asks you questions about your life.You dont have to worry so much about saying the perfect thing because youll be typing, and she wont have to worry so much about giving the perfect answer for the same reason.Whether youre hanging out solo in person, or just chatting online, before you pop the question, you should get a sense of whether or not the girl likes you as more than a friend.It doesnt have to be an elaborate speech and shell really appreciate the directness.You can try to do a long distance relationship.If you want the girl to be interested in you, then you have to show her that you have things going on besides uploading new photos to your Facebook account.
Or, Are you checking out the carnival tonight?

How can I ask someone to be my girlfriend if we can't meet in person, because we live far away from each other?Part 3 Making Her Your Girlfriend 1 Consider asking her out online.Don't keep texting her.You dont have to say that youve looked at her profile, but bring them up naturally in conversation.If she mentions something, like an upcoming dance recital, bring it up the next time, asking how it went.5 Show that youre really paying attention.Question How do I know that the girl is a 'real person' and not fake?However, its another to always be online waiting for her, to message her the second she gets on, and to send her a million messages while she barely responds.If real sex in the film cutscenes youve never talked to her in person before, make sure she really knows who you are.