chat room spanish translation

reserve room book libro de consulta en sala.
student common room sala de estudiantes.
dressing room vestuario, probador, camerino.mail room sala del correo.give Nombre (lots of/plenty of) room to dar espacio para, dejar libre para, dar libertad para, dejar libertad para.machine room sala de máquinas.multipurpose room salón multiuso.
If you want the ENG-ESP translator to translate chat-messages between you and your friends, please select Add Friends from the chat-room menu and add the ENG-ESP translator to your chat.

sleeping room dormitorio.Do you want to express yourself in Spanish?Translations appear in a small pop-up window, not interfering with your workplace.teaching room aula, aula de clase.Simply add this ENG-ESP translator account into your usual chat-room and start hidden cam sex in car chatting as you normally would.Ideal language translation solution for home and office use.little boys room servicio, aseo, baño, lavabo.Spanish was taken most notably to the Americas as well as to Africa and Asia Pacific with the expansion of the Spanish Empire between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, where it became the most important language for government and trade.
storage real lesbian relationships sex room almacén, depósito, trastero.