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The internet users in the world are increasing every day.
It admin id and password for type users will be matched from the database, then it will be redirected to the admin home page and user id and password will be matched with type users, it will be redirected to the users home page.
Home source Code ยป Chat room PHP, chat room PHP, sponsored links.Like the other chat room softwares, it includes features to add other people as friends, to delete ones friend list and refresh the friend list.This project provides a feature to send smileys for different emotions like in Facebook, Skype, etc.It will also maintain the chatting history data and conversation data between two users along with date and time.All the necessary project files including source code, sound files and images of this Chat Room system using PHP can be accessed from the download link.Maximum file size which can be sent and received will be.Under the existing Online Chat System project, two different login pages is used: one for admin and other for its users, which is a time consuming process and fetching data from database also takes time.This is a simple chat system wherein you can send messages in public.To start chatting, users will have to first register with this new system and check their email which has been used during registration process.The seen messages are recognized by blink in the message and its color change.The login id and password will be sent by the admin upon the verification of the users.This Online Chat System project in PHP will also allow its users to select chat room as per their choice and chat with other persons.Admin will have the authority to block any users any time and asked for verification process such as entering their correct email.This application resembles currently popular instant messaging systems such as Yahoo and Facebook to some extent.

The governing factors in choosing the this Chat Room Project in PHP are ease comfort in chatting, speed of sending receiving message and some extra facilities such as sending smiley, pictures.For secure login and authentication, data of login id and password will be directly checked from the users database and if data matches, it will be redirected to the system home page, where they can start their new operations such as chatting, sending friend request.If gta online character sex change any id and password mismatch found, then it will prompt for re-entering correct id and password by that users.Users can see the online or offline status of their friends.With the development of technology, the communication techniques are becoming more enhanced in terms of efficiency, speed and economy.Visitors have accessed this post 2272 times.

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It will also provide facilities like busy, available, and hidden which can be used by its users as per their choice.