It is a fake publicity stunt.
Her foot rose above the protective net and was bitten.
He admitted, however, It could be a shark got in there, got scared, and bit her.
It took free gay video chatting 20 stitches to close the wound.The shark in question was a lemon shark, according to the entertainment company, and Molly Cavalli has been in decent spirits since the event.Lemon sharks are not generally considered a threat to humans, CamSoda vice president free cam ebony sex chat greece Darren Press told media outlets.The shark took the opportunity and the rest is history.Cam Soda vice president Darren Press speaking to the.Recently Molly and the folks.
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The stunt was in promotion of the adult webcam service Cam Soda.The crew pulled her up to safety, but the shark had done some serious damage.After watching the video Gruber said he believed that there are some aspects that look staged to me, you would need to find out the medical treatment she received.None of the attacks were fatal.During the broadcast, a shark approached the cage which made Molly nervous.I dont see how he could have missed that shot, said Gruber.Well, the lesion looks pretty real; it just doesnt look like a shark bite said Samuel Gruber, PhD, an expert on lemon sharks at the.I had a great experience anyway and now I have a story to tell forever.You can watch the harrowing video filmed on the Florida coast, which starts out with cam girl, molly Cavalli wearing a thong bikini and then gets a whole lot darker when her leg begins spewing blood into the ocean water.Its not as bad as it seems.
If you haven't seen it yet, give it a watch.
Cavalli took to Instagram to address the attack saying: Thanks for your well wishes guys.

This was the first live underwater broadcast attempt for the company, and clearly the whole plan wasn't plotted out as well as it could have been if the adult entertainer who was supposed to star was actually bitten by a shark.