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The debtor's representative must be present at the meeting to be questioned under oath by the trustee and by creditors.
The meeting may be continued and concluded at a later date without further notice.User: speakmal Form ID: a11fmbus, page 2 of 206 Total Served: 16084.State Street, Columbus, OH aty Mary Anne Wilsbacher, rustee Office, 170 North High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH aty Robert J Sidman, 52 East Gay Street, PO Box 1008, Columbus, OH ust Asst US Trustee (Col Office of the US Trustee, 170 North High Street.Attorney for Debtor (name and address Robert J Sidman 52 East Gay Street PO Box 1008 Columbus, OH Telephone number: (614) Date: October 22, 2004 Time: 02:00 PM Bankruptcy Trustee (name and address Meeting of Creditors: Location:.S.If you attempt to collect a debt or take other action in violation of the Bankruptcy Code, you may be penalized.Enterprise Systems Incorporated 11487 Sunset Hills Road Reston, Virginia District/off: 0648-2 Case: 04-63788.

Date Rcvd: Sep 03, 2004, accustaff INC, PO BOX 867, attn kathy strong, jacksonville FL accutech, 577 main ST, hudson MA ACE DAY, THE ohio state university, college OF engineering, columbus OH ACE glass INC, PO BOX 820023, philadelphia PA ACE glass incorporated, PO BOX.A plan is not effective unless confirmed by the court.Explanations, case Number: 2:04-bk-63788, a bankruptcy case under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (title 11, United States Code) sex lies and videotape free online movie has been filed in this court by or against the debtor listed on the front side, and an order for relief has been entered.Creditors May Not Take Certain Actions: The filing of the bankruptcy case automatically stays certain collection and other actions against the debtor and the debtor's property.Creditors May Not Take Certain Actions.Whether or not your claim is scheduled, you are permitted to file a Proof of Claim.
Case Number 2:04-bk-63788, united states bankruptcy court Southern District of Ohio.
Claims, a Proof of Claim is a signed statement describing a creditor's claim.

Any paper that you file in this bankruptcy case should be filed at the bankruptcy clerk's office at the address listed on the front side.
All documents filed in the case may be inspected at the bankruptcy clerk's office at the address listed below.
Notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, amp; Deadlines.