1:33PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Rockstar says sometimes things are bigger than us and America needs to be sent certain messages.
They wonder what the HGs are like outside the house.
Are you thinking of doing something crazy?
Sam goes inside, she is going to get Bayleigh's water for her, as Bayleigh wants to stay outside.FotH free chat speak english Before Haleigh came out, Sam was talking about the jury house, and how they ought to put that.Haleigh just admitted to being the hacker to Bayleigh.Bayleigh says she's not like that.8:30PM BBT: We're rewinding a bit to include Grannsue1154's coverage Haleigh and Bayleigh are laying in the pink bedroom.JC: "It's killing my balls." He goes to change.Faysal: If somehow something came up that it wasnt her (Bayleigh as the Hacker do you think that would make her stay?Rockstar says what if I have an epic speech and you stay here and win the whole fuckin' thing.1:11PM BBT: In the kitchen are Bayleigh and Faysal.10:09PM BBT: Haleigh is worried that if she has this house meeting and tells everyone, that no one will ever trust her again.Scotty: No, not if they were smart.They both leave the Geo room.Tyler is practicing, Kaycee tells them to watch for the red bow tie, she will wear it on her peanut suit.4:20PM BBT: Angela tells Sam that she is a control freak outside the house.If the girls win, they will go after either Tyler or him.
She says she doesn't want to jeopardize her family's chances but feels like this is bigger than that.

(Tyler takes the teasing very well, he just starts teasing them back) (This conversation has not gone uphill at all since I was here earlier.) Kaycee to JC: "So you don't see a relationship after this with Tyler?" JC: "Whaaaaaaaaa." Everyone laughs.By Kelly6 10:00PM BBT: Tyler, Kaycee, Scottie, Angela, and JC are in the HoH room trying to guess the different jelly beans.Scott3325 3:04.5:29PM BBT: Scottie and Brett working out together in the backyard.Bayleigh says she wears socks outside, and I think Rockstar is hobbling back to the bathroom to wash them while the other two girls mumble sentences chat rooms other countries every few seconds that are impossible to understand.Haleigh is convinced everyone will be going after her.
Being in the BB house where she has no control at all is very liberating.
She says "Get off your power trip sweetie, cool.