Arisa says to Erica that this is the first female final two in Big Brother Canada history?
Haleigh gets into HOH bed.Arisa asks Olivia if it was tiring listening to all those philosophers all the time?When he was the target it wasn't that great.Will says if you haven't played, bellecurve cam porn then you have no idea how hard.Johnny gives the Susan Hawk speech from.Small chit chat with Brett Faysal and Faysal called to Dr but continues it to make food.silverspoons 1:12.Will thinks Derek or Kaela will be sitting next to him in jury.The winner will also get a European Dream Vacation for two, from Air Transat and a 30,000 home furnishing make-over from.Alejandra says her vote goes to the person who played a nearly flawless game.Tyler says yes and he would never pick a Angela over JC and he is not in a showmance with Angela.Scott3325 3:05 AM PT, brett puts his washing away and climbs into bed.Paras brought herself there.
LiZinTeXaS 11:47 PM PT Faysal says Scottie tried to get him to put up Haleigh and now he is just jumping ship on his plan.
Arisa cuts her off.

Johnny wants Paras to explain why Kaela played a worse game than her and drag her through the mud.Arisa says Andrew is surrounded by a lot of big gay my free cams personalities, does he think it was too much game too soon?Arisa asks Veronica when she thought the BB house stopped being summer camp?Tyler says in F4 if he won HOH he would put the girls both.Good luck to them both!Tonight's Show on Global TV at 8:00PM.Paras says she was a live feeder and she knew she needed to talk to them and give them some love.LiZinTeXaS 11:44 PM PT Tyler says after Faysal he is next on Brett's hit list.She says she is sad.She's a huge super fan of the season and she came to make big moves and stir the pot.You just did it because you were bored.