Pinterest, it maybe be affecting your sex life!
We usually focus on feng shui for love, or feng shui for family harmony.
No Work If you have a busy careeror even just a job that pays the bills you probably need to bring work home, at least occasionally.The focus, though, will be on sexual activity versus a committed partnership.Place your feng shui sex cure in the Northwest area of gun related chat rooms your home or your bedroom.This is an interesting feng shui topic to write about, I thought.But the sight of your laptop or stack of files is the romance equivalent of a bucket of ice water dumped over your head: boom, there goes your focus and your excitement.Here are the colors and the corresponding times a week their bedroom inhabitants have sex: Purple -.49, red -.18, sky blue -.14.Think again it could ruin your sex life.If you fall in love, do not blame feng shui for it!Piles of laundry that needs to be put away or even worse, washed is not sexy.This will set the right feng shui energy for your exploration.

Free ways to have more sex: Weekend Sex Challenge: Go to Bed Wearing Nothing but These!Soft sheets Are a Must, cheap, rough or pilled sheets are not sexy.But having them close at hand when needed free hormy sex games online adds to the mood, the fun, and the spontaneity.Rome (Reuters) Thinking of buying a TV for the bedroom?But hey, it might not hurt either.Ugh, morning breath is not conducive to romance.If you use a corner of your bedroom as your home office, then at least close your laptops screen, move the stacks of files to the floor and stick your briefcase or work bag where it wont distract you.The feng shui energies of the bathroom and the bedroom are intricately connected in promoting a strong flow of sexual energy.This can be an art piece, a photo, or a small sculpture.Protection, it might not be romantic, but if you and your partner are not in a committed relationship, its time for protection.