Even when Scottie talks to her she has not responded.
Now Sam is asking him to jump ship.
Scottie says if Sam goes he is going after Brett to finish the job he started.
Mid-hug, Fessy looks right at the camera, gives a couple facial expressions for our benefit and then mouths "What the fuck." 10:49AM BBT: Sam has now cornered Kaycee in the bathroom area.Angela says she's not comfortable sitting on the block sex files alien erotica movies online free next to Scottie and Fessy shouldn't expect Angela, Kaycee or Tyler to volunteer for that.Scottie: I think I could get Tyler.She aint going to do shit." 10:36AM BBT: Fessy tells Sam that Haleigh is the only one that has sort of played this game with him.He knows someone is lying.JC, Tyler, and Sam are?Faysal says he is taking this shot "for the house" Kaycee: I trust you, yeah.Scotties says he suggested him and Haleigh coming up together, but she was "meh" about it so he came up alone."How you going to go through all these people and pick the weakest one in this house as your partner, ding dong.Scottie notices he is neck and neck with Tyler and Faysal.
Haleigh: I slept up here last night.
11:29AM BBT: In the bathroom area Sam tells Tyler that no matter what he hears, she never breaks a pinky promise.

There is nothing to think about." 10:43AM BBT: Fessy says he will think about it and if he does, he will pinky swear.Haleigh says she asked him to clarify what he had done, and he did, which caused Haleigh to cry.He's a fucking free vids hidden camera sex prick.Angela: He (Scottie) is walking down here now.Scottie is trying to decide whether or not to drop a bomb on Sam in his speech or to say nothing.He wonders who he is putting up, but thinks it won't matter because Scottie will be evicted.
JC is in the HoH with Haleigh and Faysal and he tells them Scottie voted out Rockstar and he likes Haleigh and he wants Faysal out so he can get Haleigh.

Faysal: It's kind of a compliment that you are so liked you will stay.
Angela explains that she never thought Scottie was anyone's target.
Haleigh is talking to JC upstairs and he asks if she's sure Scottie voted Kaycee out.