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AOL has approximately 16,000 chat rooms.
Ttul talk to you later tyvm thank you very much WB welcome back!Slang, recent Updates, may 16, 2018, check out the new daily term feed on the home page!7:-) Ronald Regan -) Gumby Marge Simpson -) Abe Lincoln 8- Frankenstein :-D Don King ( Picasso cube-i-con - -) The Pope :-)X Senator Paul Simon Abbreviations Used In Email and Posts Abbreviations are usually typed in all capital letters, but may be typed.He'd meet guys on business trips by firing up his laptop and entering the chat rooms of the city he was visiting."How do you find your kind in a hostile world?" he asks."I think AOL is very well aware of its role.AOL chat room a line that Shiksaa was quick to appropriate for use in her Usenet signature.) ( computing ) Initialism of aspect-oriented language.If you really need to show support for someone's statement or position and want to post an "attagirl!" or "Yeah!Then, using the instant message feature, he "IMs" the ones he likes, usually with an innocuous message like "Hey, I like your profile." After a flurry of exchanged photos - "I want pictures of faces and bodies.Segel believes the Internet is the principal cause of the decline.
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" AOL uses a local client software resident on the user's hard drive he says.Chat is an important part of our core mission to bring people together.For gay men, it's more like a 1970s bathhouse.Instead of posting it where thousands of people are going to be annoyed at you for wasting their time, email it privately to the individual.It was about fellowship." Eighty people showed up at Charlie's Restaurant Bar in Denver after the m Colorado chat room decided to hold annual dinners so the group members could meet each other.AOL does as the go-to place to get laid.McWilliams, Spam Kings, page 85: (Mad Pierre had showered her with his customary praise as well, exclaiming on IRC that she made him behave like a testosteronal teenager."For the most part, AOL is uncontextualized." In other words, many gay men dokkan battle chat room don't turn to AOL for "community because unlike m or Planet Out, it's not a gay-themed service.
Ad salesmen for the gay press see firsthand how the Internet is changing gay culture.

"And it's easier to ask about their HIV status online than it is in person." Jeff Bennett, co-founder of m, one of the largest gay Web sites, downplays the steam factor for gay communities online: "For the most part, people come to our site.
You can use your newsgroup software (often included with your email software or your web browser software) to get a full list of groups, or you can look for them through a search engine's listing of groups, such as Yahoo's.
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